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preparation method

A few tips for a smooth preparation: all oven dishes are set on the same temperature. Therefore, start by heating up the oven at 200°C.

Every oven has a different intensity, which is why our given times can differ. Regularly check the color of the food and if it is cooked enough.


Amuse: Pumpkin croquettes with our very own vegan mayonnaise.
Elements: Pumpkin croquettes & sjallot mayonnaise.

Step 1
Place the pumpkin croquettes in the preheated oven (200°C) and bake them for approx. 7 minutes.

Step 2
Take the croquettes out of the oven and place them on the plate you want to serve them on. Leave the oven on for further preparations.

Step 3
With a teaspoon finish the pumpkin croquettes with a bit of sjallot mayonnaise.


Soup: Zucchini Soup
Elements: Zucchini Soup, Cream Cheese, Cress

Step 1
Warm the soup over moderate heat. Stir well now and then during this process. When the soup begin to boil, it’s ready to be served.

Step 2
Serve the soup in two (smaller) bowls or water glasses (that can handle the heat) of your choice.

Step 3
Divide the cream cheese with a small spoon between the soups.

Step 4
Finish the soups with a bit of cress.


Main: Wellington
Elements: Wellington

Step 1
Take the wellington out of its package and baking paper. Place the wellington on a new sheet of baking paper and place on a baking dish.

Step 2
With a sharp knife make a few cuts on top of the wellington, appr. 2cm apart of each other (see photo).

Step 3
Lightly brush the wellington with oil.

Step 4
Season the Puff pastry with salt and a hint of black pepper.

Step 5
Place the wellington in the oven and bake it golden brown and delicious in approx. 40 minutes on 200°C

Step 6
When the wellington is done, take it out of the oven and let it rest for a bit before it is getting served/cut.


Side: Potato mash
Elements: Potato mash

Step 1
While the wellington and vegetables are in the oven, the potato mash can be heated in a pan on low heat. Bring water in a (sauce) pan to a boil, then switch it to a low heat. Make sure to stir and add a table spoon of water/plant milk to soften the potatoes. Season with the desired amount of salt.


Side: Gravy
Elements: Gravy

Step 1
Pour the gravy in a (sauce) pan and heat up for approximately 5 minutes on low temperature. Stir every now and then.


Cheese: Watson’s Camemberti covered in Vegan Honey
Elements: Watson’s Camemberti, Vegan Honey

Step 1
Remove the cheese from the packaging.

Step 2
Cut into 6 – 8 wedges.

Step 3
Place on a small plate.

Serve the Vegan Honey on the side or directly on top of the cheese.


Dessert: Trifle of vanilla cake, lemon curd, pink peppercorn strawberry jam and brownie
Elements: Dessert

Step 1
Take off the lid and enjoy


Chocolate: Homemade chocolate madeleine, finished with raspberry
Elements: Chocolate

Step 1
The chocolats are a delicious end of this festive meal, nice to serve with coffee/tea, with for example a digestive.

We wish you a lot of cooking fun and we hope you all will enjoy it.

Lots of love,
The Watsons


  • Amuse
  • Soup
  • Main course with sides
  • Cheese
  • Sweets


  • Oven
  • Baking tray
  • Baking paper
  • Pans
  • Whisk
  • Knife
  • Chopping board
  • 2 x Tablespoon
  • Teaspoon


  • Salt & Pepper
  • Oil – Olive or Sunflower
  • Extra fruits for with the cheese – For example grapes & figs


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