Original Camemberti

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The aging process is crucial in the development of this cheese. Letting nature run its course with the slightest of nudges. The result? A soft, creamy texture in a white fluffy camemberti coat.

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Een veganistische topper in Amsterdam. Hier kun je vooral terecht voor de beste vegan kaas van de stad, waar het restaurant zo bekend om staat.

- Marjolein van den Brand - Vogue Magazine

Welcome in our plant based kingdom.

It is our mission to have the world experience the full potential of the plant-based kitchen. We want to inspire people to eat plant-based, by developing products that make many a taste bud dance. Mr. & Mrs. Watson is well-known for their vegan cheese. Our cheese won awards like PETA’s “Best Vegan Cheese”. Cashews, almonds and soy are examples of ingredients we use for our cheeses. Watson’s plant-based cheeses have been developed and aged in Amsterdam since 2017.


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Original Camemberti

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