Dearest guest,

With pain in our hearts, we have made the decision to part with our restaurant Mr. & Mrs. Watson. We have chosen to fully switch our focus towards the retail market. With still the same mission: Changing the world with good food.

Since we opened the doors of our Mr. & Mrs. Watson restaurant in Amsterdam East, we have been able to share special moments of inspiration and connection with more than one hundred thousand guests. ‘What brings you here?’ was a question that sparked so many stories and motivated our passionate team to offer a special experience. We felt how we made a difference. It was a privilege to be able to stimulate and to experience up close, that the diversity among the public was growing. Plant-based became mainstream at a pace we could not ever have dreamed of.

Mr. & Mrs. Watson’s has now grown into a food brand, with a specialisation in the development of premium plant-based cheese alternatives. In recent years we have invested in the development of a traditional fermented “Gouda” option, based on faba beans. We are convinced that the future of our beautiful plant-based brand lies on the supermarket shelves. And the possibilities look good in that regard.

The restaurant requires extra attention from us as a management team to keep it profitable in the current challenging time of staff shortages, sharply increasing wage costs, raw materials and energy prices. This comes at the expense of our long-term goals as a retail brand, which is why the closure of our beloved restaurant is an emotionally tough, but inevitable business decision.

The restaurant has no new owner yet. The concept may be taken over by another entrepreneur. We will use the coming weeks to further develop plans and reorganise. For this reason, the webshop is now also closed until further notice.

Thanks to the Watson-family and fans, we have in recent years brought more than a hundred thousand vegan meals and cheese boards to the table, in the restaurant, at home and at festivals. We are forever grateful to you for this – and future – success!

Warm regards,
Aleid, Kirsi & Nick