How can I make a reservation?

You can find an online reservation tool on our restaurant page. This tool allows you to easily check current availability and make a reservation. Are you still unable to do so? You can always call us (020 261 9360) or send an e-mail ([email protected]). During evenings and weekends, e-mails may receive a later reply.

Do I have to make a reservation?

Booking a table for dinner is not obligatory, but highly recommended; especially during weekends. If it is not possible to book a table anymore, you are very welcome to come by and check whether there have been any last minute cancellations. Before 6:30 p.m. and after 8:30 p.m. you will have the best chance at getting a table without a reservation.

I am on a diet, I have an allergy, I have an intolerance. Will I be able to eat at Mr. & Mrs. Watson’s?

We gladly take note of any diets, allergies and intolerances. Inform us about your wishes in your reservation so we can be well prepared and contact you in case of further questions. We always make sure there are enough nut and gluten free options on our menu. We very seldom use refined sugar and the vegan kitchen is by definition lactose free.

Is your restaurant accessible for wheelchairs?

The ground floor part of the restaurant is wheelchair accessible, but unfortunately, the basement, where our toilets are situated, is not.

Do you host groups and/or private parties?

Definitely. We can host groups with a maximum of 12 people on the ground floor and the basement is suitable for even larger groups or private parties. For groups of 8 or more people, we normally use a special shared dining menu: we serve a combination of dishes for all guests to share. With this method, we can serve all guests at the same time and everyone gets a chance to try various dishesThe price is dependent of the number of courses and equal to our regular rate.  
Are you organising a business dinner, babyshowerbirthday party or other event? Please enquire about the possibilities.

Can I bring my dog?

Definitely! Please tell us in advance, so we can find a quiet spot for you and your companion.

How can I reach your restaurant by public transport?

Linnaeuskade is a side street of Middenweg and runs along the canal (Ringdijk) in East Amsterdam. Our restaurant is located just before the bridge after which Middenweg changes into Linnaeusstraat. The closest stop is Oostpoort, where tram no.19 and bus no.41 both stop. At Central Station, take the train to Amsterdam Muiderpoort (3 minutes). From Muiderpoort, you can walk to our restaurant (another 10 minutes), or take bus 41 in the direction of Holendrecht and get off at Oostpoort.

How can I reach your restaurant by car, and where can I park?

By car, you can reach us via highway ‘Ring-Oost’. Take exit S113 and follow direction ‘Watergraafsmeer’. Then, at the end of Middenweg, before the bridge over ‘Ringvaart’, turn right into Linnaeuskade and our restaurant will be on your right hand side, at number 3. In the shopping centre across the canal, you can find a spacious parking garage (Q-Park Oostpoort).

You can also park in the street: from Monday until Saturday (9AM-9PM) it costs €4.50 per hour. Please note that a higher parking rate applies across the canal. 

Is your menu organic?

We buy organic as much as possible, but we are not an organic restaurant.

Is everything you serve vegan?

Yes, everything is 100% vegan. Including the wines and the interior.

Why do you imitate animal products like meat, egg and cheese?

We are convinced that many dishes do not owe their popularity to the fact that an animal was used in them, but to their texture and flavour or to a certain experience they may bring about. Our objective is to act as a bridge between ‘mainstream’  and plant-based food. For that reason, we would occasionally like to show that popular dishes containing egg, cheese or meat are not dependent on these animal products.

How can I order your cheeses?

The cheeses can be ordered via our web shop. It is also possible to buy our cheeses directly at the restaurant (Linnaeuskade 3h, Amsterdam) during opening hours.

Note: web shop orders are not to be confused with restaurant food delivery. Web shop orders are being sent from another location and have a separate shipping method.

Are the cheeses organic?

We currently do not have an EKO quality mark for the wheels.

I am worried about unethical cashew production. What is the origin of the cashews you use?

The origins of our products, and the production cycle they go through, matter to us. We are therefore working together with like-minded people who import cashews ethically and sustainably. Our distributor guarantees that the cashews we buy are cultivated responsibly and that its origins are clear.

Nevertheless, it is difficult to bring solid facts to the table since the cashew production business is sketchy. We have not visited the production site itself, which means we have to rely on the information that is provided to us by our producer. Our cashews are currently harvested in Vietnam and South America.

How do you make the cheeses?

Our detailed recipes are of course top secret, although we do like to give you a little peek into the kitchen. In general, all cheeses (except for the Parme Vegano) are made from soaked cashew nuts and are fermented. Various herbs are added to the Italian Herbs, Pepperjack and Apricot-Cumin wheels. The Camembertis are made with original camembert fungal cultures.

What is the shelf life of the cheeses?

The shelf life of our wheels is usually 10 to 20 days upon shipment, if properly refrigerated.

Can the cheeses be frozen?

The Italian Herbs, Pepperjack, Apricot Cumin, Faux Goat and Parme Vegano can be frozen. It is best to do this by packing them airtight. We do not recommend freezing the Camembertis since this affects the quality.

How are web shop orders being shipped?

We send orders via Trunkrs. First deliveries by Trunkrs are in 99% of the cases successful.

What are the shipping costs?

Orders from €60 are shipped for free. Otherwise, €10.00 shipping costs are charged.

Can I also order the cheeses from abroad?

Currently, we only ship products within the Netherlands (excluding the Wadden Islands) and to Belgium (Flanders and Brussels).You could also check-out our re-sellers abroad through our store locator. There may be one near you.

What are the delivery times of the web shop orders?

Usually, packages will be prepared and send the day after successful completion of the order. All orders received by us before 00:00 a.m. will be delivered within two working days. All orders placed after 00:00 a.m. will be delivered in three working days. For example, if you order at 11:00 a.m. on a Monday, your package will arrive on Wednesday.

If you would like to receive the order later, you can choose your preferred delivery date after entering the shipping address.

Please note that orders are only delivered on working days. All packages will be delivered in the evening between 5:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.

It is possible that packages are delayed due to reasons that stretch beyond our power, such as traffic accidents and some weather conditions. In such cases, orders will be re-sent to guarantee the quality of our products.

Can I buy a gift card for the webshop?

Unfortunately we don’t sell gift cards for the webshop yet. What we can offer is to create a coupon code and send you a payment link through email. Please contact us at [email protected], with your request.

Do you sell giftcards?

Absolutely! You can buy them at our restaurant. Any desired amount may be chosen. Do you prefer to purchase a gift voucher online? That’s possible as well, via our website (on the restaurant page) we offer multiple gift vouchers. The gift voucher can be used as full or partial payment in our restaurant. These vouchers cannot be used for take away or in our web shop.

Are you looking for any new colleagues?

You can always let us know if you are interested in working with us by sending your motivation and resume to [email protected], so we can get in touch whenever we have a suitable job offer.